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Fife Club
It's banter from a few 30 something friends hailing from the Kingdom of Fife. Home of The Fantasy Fight Club and Desert Island Dicks.
Category: Society & Culture
Location: Fife
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by Fife Club
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December 08, 2018 10:41 AM PST

This week the Fife friends go local, with a special discussing some pressing Fife stories, after having a bit of a natter about the continuing Omnishambles that is Brexit! Even though Mags is dead against it and, like most people, does not want to talk about it anymore. The friends imagine what the TV debates should look like, which is basically just a revival of Deal or No Deal, Edmonds and aw!

Then Cutch asks the guys their opinions on Fife’s Contribution to it’s ever expanding waist Line and increase in heart Disease with the news that 2 of its local Chippies are doing Christmas themed Deep Fried Suppers, with the Waterfront in Anstruther doing battered, Kilted Sausages (Pigs in Blankets) and April’s Plaice (see what they did?) in Buckhaven doing a 1000 Calorie, Battered, Christmas Dinner.  After deciding if they’d eat this, the guys come up with an ingenious plan to open a pop up advent calendar chippy selling a different Deep fried Christmas delight every day. They try to think up of a few different combinations but would love the Fife Fans to get involved and chuck in some ideas too!

Mags brings up news about new rules that Fife Council have put in place for naming streets after people, no more living folk, They have to have been dead for more than 5 years now, thanks to certain Yewtree investigations and the likes affecting streets in other areas across the country. On the back of this the guys nominate some Street names with Fife legends and why!

Finally, The friends head back to the Nine Sideded Imagenary Nonagon for a little festive Fight Club. Of course, knowing how to wring a subject dry, this week the guys pit some Christmas foods against each other in the Nonagon.

Jamie chucks in Christmas Pudding v Christmas Chocolate Cake , Meanwhile,

Cutch Throws Christmas Dinner v Boxing Day leftover Sandwiches

Who wins?


Listen to find out!   

Fife Club - Episode 85 - Fife Special - Brexit - Deep Fried Xmas - Street Name Rules - Fantasy Fight Club

December 02, 2018 03:55 PM PST

This week the Fife friends celebrate St Andrews Day, Chat about Outlaw king on Netflix, Daredevils Cancellation and try out some Stephens goodies!

November 09, 2018 10:11 AM PST

This week the Fife Friends get stuck into a little bit of local news surrounding a local Rosyth supermarket, the current hotbed for crimes and misdemeanors that has nothing to do with the actual supermarket itself, it just seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Then the guys chat about Current affairs from the other side of the pond as they discuss the US mid term results and the frighteningly mad press conference held by Trump where CNN Journo, Jim Acosta was ejected and had his press credentials revoked. The pals also discuss their takes on the scuffle that happened between Acosta and a Whitehouse intern and how the whole bloody thing is madness. Madness I tell you!

Getting cultural, Cutch gives a bit of a review of The newest Fatherson Album, Sum of All Your Parts and Jamie gives us a quick review of Pinegrove’s new Album Skylight.

Finally instead of going to Desert Island Dicks this week, the Guys have had more Smutty Fan Fiction Sent in, but this time on a mystery topic and, it has been read by a professional with some excellent production Values!! The Clansman will never be the same again.

Want to cry into your pillow after hearing such filth about some beloved characters?

Then listen in!

November 02, 2018 06:18 AM PDT

This week the Fife friends congratulate a local powerlifting policeman, Get back into controversey by chatting about renaming Mansize Tissues, Is Apu racist, Why Navid isn't racist and why are we banning alcohol in airports. Then we go to the Nonagon for a Haloween Special.

October 19, 2018 09:10 AM PDT

This week the Fife friends chat about great Fife Sporting achievements, undercover cops and the groups they infiltrated and how we are all getting really old now that Idlewilds Hope is important is 20 year old.

October 13, 2018 04:45 PM PDT

This week the fife Friends are back for a brand new season, Season 5! Otherwise known as “the road to 100”. That’s right You’ve now listened to our brand of rot for 80 episodes! You lucky Fife Fans!

In this episode the friends get into their first impressions of Doctor Who, with a brand new Doctor and discuss how they thought Jodie Wittikar did taking on the legendary mantle. Lizzie tells the friends how she had a really good nap at the time!

Lizzie teaches the guys about the importance of keeping your kidneys warm and why it’s almost impossible to find a top that doesn’t go further than the underboob with some extreme examples that don’t even cover that!

Mark Tells us about the sad potential demise of Cultural Delight Patisserie Valerie in a method only fitting of Fife Club, We apologise in advance for what you’re about to be witness too.

Then on the back of their discussion about Fridging, the guys discuss the fan practice of Shipping and how it’s another reason that Toxic Fanships can ruin a good thing.

The guys also have a chat about the Royal wedding! What royal wedding you ask? Exactly!

Finally the friends take a trip on an Airplane and crash land on the Desert Island of Dicks, but as they are all nervous travellers these days, they all smuggle an emotional support animal onboard to get them through the flight and inevitable crash onto the Island.

What do they bring?

Listen in to find out!

Check out our website, fifeclub.co.uk for past shows, more info about us or to buy merch and chuck in a buck, if you want!

October 06, 2018 03:58 AM PDT

This week the Fife Friends are once again a Trio. The three friends discuss Shetland being oot it’s box and how, although great for Shetland, it’s ultimately silly for maps.

They also congratulate their Favourite Bakers, Stephen’s for winning Scottish Baker of the year. Well done guys! It’s well deserved.

Cutch asks the guys what they think about Movie studios taking missteps with Superhero Films and their desperation to emulate Marvels Cinematic Universe, but ultimately failing.

Jamie and James give us a run down of this weekends Big UFC 229 fight Night in Las Vegas where we see the return of Conor McGregor to the Octogon to take on the terrifying Khabib Nurmagomedov.

And with that in mind we make a long awaited return to our 9 Sided Imaginary Nonagon for a very on theme Fantasy Fight Club!

This week we pit famous Irish folk against famous Russian folk because we’ll ride any social media wave we can!!!

The Hunt for Red October’s Marko Romius returns to the ring to take on The Untouchables Jimmy Malone.

The formidable Russian punk band, Pussy Riot take on Ireleand’s mild mannered, poor man’s Boyzone, Westlife.

And Hitting the stereotypes hard is the Leprechaun going up against the chilling terror of The Russian Doll.


Who wins?

Listen in to find out.

September 27, 2018 05:55 PM PDT

This week Cutch, Silent Producer Kirsty, and The Coaltown Daisies leave the glorious Kingdom to head for Inveraray, Argyll, for the Best of the West 2018 Music, Food and Drink Festival at Inverary Castle.

Join them and friends in The George Hotel on the Sunday night as they take a step by step retrospective journey through the highlights of a very awesome and drunk weekend from Friday to Sunday.

They chat about their experiences with amazing food, drink and Great Whisky and Cocktails, thanks to the guys at Loch Fyne Whisky.

Cutch and Kirsty chat with some of the best names in Scots Trad Music from Tidelines , Heron Valley and Skipinnish after their headline sets each night.

Finally Cutch has a chat with Lynzy and Viv about their two sets across the weekend, playing across Scotland, the making of their new Album “Listen” and how their experience of Crowdfunding it has been. Want to know more? Then listen in!

September 23, 2018 05:32 PM PDT

This week the Fife Friends take on the controversial topics in a controversy special.
They start with discussing the Capitalisation of Activism with news of Nike (or is it Nike) sponsoring Ex-NFL star Colin Kaepernick after being kicked out for kneeling during the National Anthem, at the star of games, as a form of protest. Listen in to find out what the friends think about such a hot on trend controversial topic.
Continuing with Controversy, the pals all chip in their thoughts on the ongoing trope in fictional media of Fridging, where a woman has to die to give a male protagonist the required oomph and emotional backstory to complete his mission or strike revenge. Listen to where the friends lie on this matter!
Then finally they go to the Desert Island of Dicks where they decide who they will send to Brussels to negotiate their very own Dixet from the E.U.
Who do they send?
Listen in to find out?

September 08, 2018 06:17 AM PDT

THis week the friends chat about Russians and autumn coming, Mags also tells us about spewing at a wedding.

Listen for more nonsense from us.

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